The Great Book Of Lies

That Made You What You Are

THE PRINCIPLE OF ECONOMY governs life. Saving resources is the norm in evolutionarily successful systems. The problem is that after cutting so much, it is preferred to believe than to verify because it is cheaper. And believing is easy if you have lies at hand, because the lie that is designed to be believed. This is what this book is about, lies. Of the thousands of lies that build the vital frame of reference of the human being that serve him to try to spend a life without having to think. Reacting to stimuli according to his limbic system like any amphibian. And, of course, of the smart ones who for thousands of years have used the same scams to cheat and live off the fools. Who consume their life, their resources, their work and sacrifice their children to make those who gave them rich and important. a lie and they made it their own. If you undress a rich man and a poor man, you don’t see the difference. The difference is according to the side where the lie is. After reading this book, nothing will be the same.


  • Paperback: 560 pages
  • Editor: Independently published
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8667261278
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-667-26127-8
  • Dimensions of the product: 15.2 x 3.3 x 22.9 cm


Chapter 1: Layers of Ignorance

Chapter 2: A Life of Lying

Chapter 3: Pathological Anatomy of Ignorance

Chapter 4: Lies, Falsehoods and Memes

Chapter 5: The Obvious

Chapter 6: Blue Lies

Chapter 7: Drunkards of Lies

Chapter 8: Lie of Happiness

Chapter 9: Judgment Mechanism

Chapter 10: Clients and Parasites

Chapter 11: Lying and Economics

Chapter 12: Ridiculous Economic

Chapter 13: Lie and Satan’s Bank

Chapter 14: Myth of the XXI Century

Chapter 15: Lies in your Bank

Chapter 16: Lie Humans

Chapter 17: Wealth

Chapter 18: Economic Ecology

Chapter 19: Lie Workers

Chapter 20: Capitalism

Chapter 21: Private Property

Chapter 22: Rich Ego, Poor Ego

Chapter 23: Liberalism

Chapter 24: Universal Basic Income

Chapter 25: Lie of Science

Chapter 26: The Ridicule of Gender Equality

Chapter 27: Silent Genocide

Chapter 28: To Be Beautiful Wish To Be Dead

Chapter 29: Skull Colored Hair

Chapter 30: Medical Sicariate

Chapter 31: How It Kills Health

Chapter 32: Tragicomic Cholesterol History

Chapter 33: Risk Medicalization

Chapter 34: Lies about Brassiere

Chapter 35: Tatoo

Chapter 36: Homeopathy, Lie Medicine

Chapter 37: Ridicule of Education

Chapter 38: State is not my Father

Chapter 39: Borders

Chapter 40: Kamma Of Nations

Chapter 41: Ridiculous World Economic System

Chapter 42: Public Order Lie

Chapter 43: Road Raiders

Chapter 44: Justice in the State of Lying

Chapter 45: The Lie of Democracy

Chapter 46: The Lie of the Value of Life

Chapter 47: Lie Loves

Chapter 48: Of the Legitimate Lie

Chapter 49: The Jailer

Chapter 50: Lying and Religion

Chapter 51: History, the Deforming Meme

Chapter 52: False Jews

Chapter 53: The Invention of Judaism

Chapter 54: The Great Change

Chapter 55: The Invention of Christianity

Chapter 56: The Many Fathers of God

Chapter 57: The Bazaar of Heresies

Chapter 58: The False Donation

Chapter 59: The Koran

Chapter 60: Eastern Chaos

Chapter 61: The Visigoths

Chapter 62: Isolated Europe

Chapter 63: The Victim’s Thymus

Chapter 64: Feminism, Religion for Atheists

Chapter 65: Rotten Roots

Chapter 66: Bhikkhu, the Beggar

Chapter 67: Twenty Lies About the Buddha

Chapter 68: Supposed Son of the Buddha

Chapter 69: Siddharta Myth

Chapter 70: Invention of the Hinayana Buddhist Religion

Chapter 71: Socioeconomic Construction of the Mahayana Religion

Chapter 72: Invention of the Vajrayana «Buddhist» Religion

Chapter 73: Five Crosses of the Buddha

Chapter 74: Lie Music

Chapter 75: Guitar

Chapter 76: Stages of Truth

Chapter 77: The University

Chapter 78: Intuition and Training

Chapter 79: University Deformation

Chapter 80: Three Signs of Teacher Ignorance